Thursday, July 14, 2011

Surprise Packages

Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved getting the mail.  There is always a sense of anticipation, the possibility of something exciting that you weren't expecting to get.  A glossy new catalog to flip through and circle the items you want, a wedding invitation, a big check made out to you for your birthday...and sometimes, if you're really lucky, a suprise package.  I got one of those today.  Surprisingly, I didn't even notice a delivery truck pulling up beside our house at all, and Cosmo didn't alert me to it by barking either.  But just as Matt was leaving for work, he told me there was a package outside the door and tossed it in for me to open.  And it wasn't something I ordered, honey, I promise!

It was addressed to Lilah and Grady, and after scanning the packing slip I discovered that is was from my lovely mother.  She must have taken note of me mentioning that I would like an ice cream maker, because that is just what it is - called "The Camper's Dream".  It's shaped like a ball and after we fill it with the necessary ingredients, the kids can toss it around and it will make the ice cream.  So neat!  I can't wait to try it out.  It also came with one of those glossy catalogs, from Educational Innovations, and there are many things in it for me to circle.  I just LOVE to circle things in catalogs, don't you?  My BFF from college (hi, Kara!) used to sit on one of the twin beds in our dorm room, each with our own special color gel pen, and circle the things in the Victoria's Secret catalog that we wanted.  We'd even make notes in the margin of what color and size to order.  But I digress...

So now I can concoct all kinds of ice cream creations.  My mind is reeling with possibilities for flavors and I'm sure that Lilah and Grady will be willing test subjects.  So, thanks Mom!

I also wanted to share some photos that I have been playing around with from our summer so far.  I'm thinking about putting together a little summer album on Shutterfly with all of the great memories we are making this summer.  That's the one downfall of digital photography, at least for me - I rarely actually print my photos on paper as keepsakes.  It's something I'm going to attempt to get better at in the near future.  But for now, they'll live on in cyberspace...

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