Sunday, July 10, 2011

Early Riser

I blame my husband. 

My middle child is an early riser.  I'm talking five a.m. wakeup when it comes to Grady.  And much as I love to see his smiling face and hear his delighted cries of "Momma!" and "Hi, baby!" (his newest verbal accomplishment), I continue to hold out hope that he'll start waking up a little later in the morning.  Even six o'clock would be a treat at this point.  I've tried pushing his bedtime back in small increments, but to no avail.  The kid just gets up with the birds and I've come to terms with it.

The main problem with this early wakeup time is that I don't drink coffee.  I've never cared for it, and I try to limit my caffeine intake anyway since I'm nursing Reed.  Besides the occasional frou-frou flavored latte from our local bakery, D'Amici's, and sometimes a diet soda, the only caffeine I get is from chocolate.  And pounding a couple of candy bars in the early morning would do nothing for the waistline I'm trying to get back. 

Matt is a morning person, too.  Unfortunately, his rotating schedule of night and day shifts means that he's either getting ready for work, already at work, or needs to sleep so he can't often get up with the kids in the morning.  He does do it whenever he can, though, and I savor the extra hour or so of sleep that it allows me. 

Maybe when Reed turns one and I'm no longer a primary food source for my offspring, I'll take up drinking coffee in the mornings.  But for now, this smiling face is going to have to suffice to perk me up at five a.m:

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