Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Cast of Characters

Most likely, if you are following my blog at this point, you already know me and may already know my children and husband.  In case you don't, I thought I would give you all a brief introduction to the members of my household.

First up is Matthew, aka Daddy, aka Love of My Life (FYI: we get pretty schmoopy 'round here often, get used to it).  He's a fellow born Vermonter, a nurse, a DIYer, a future maple farmer, and an amazing father.  He knows the words to only approximately three-and-a-half songs (including Silent Night), is generous with birthday gifts, and he makes me nervous when he's driving in traffic.  I love him.

Two of my boys - ain't they handsome?

Next is our daughter, Lilah.  Our firstborn, our only girl, our drama queen.  She is wildly entertaining, incredibly smart, and recently turned three years old (and if you are the parent of a girl, you already know, or will soon know, exactly what that means).  She's been a momma's girl since birth, but she holds a special place in her heart for Daddy.  This kid loves to read, color, play computer games, and recently made her stage debut at a family talent show.  We may have a future star on our hands...

Singing "The Mean Song" (Taylor Swift)

Grady is our oldest son, he is eighteen months old and has already earned such nicknames as "Destructo" and "Taz" due to his high level of energy.  He is as sweet as pie but is the busiest toddler I've ever come across (which says a lot, since I used to be a toddler teacher).  His big blue eyes and mischievous smile are sure to get him out of many a scrape in the years to come.  He loves cars, playing super hero dress-up with his big sister, and kissing his baby brother about forty-seven times a day.  Here's the future heartbreaker:

Whoops, both of these pictures are of Grady playing in the curtains!

Our newest addition is Reed, whom I often refer to as my "dream baby".  He is seriously the sweetest, happiest, easiest baby I've ever been around (I hope I'm not eating my words in a few months).  Since learning how to smile, he graces us with his big grin most of the time when he is awake.  He already adores his big brother and sister, and I'm sure he'll be up to no good with them in the very near future.

And I just realized I raved about his smile, but neither of these are smiling pics. 

Last, but certainly not least, is our lovable mutt Cosmo.  We made the insane decision to adopt him as a puppy when I was five months pregnant with Lilah and haven't regretted it for a moment.  Although he drives me batty sometimes, I love the furball dearly.  He has been an ideal companion for our children, with much, much more tolerance for ear-pulling, tail-grabbing, and dog-wrestling than any other canine I've seen.  He's a crazy breed - his dad was a Lhasa-Poo and his mom was a Black Lab-German Shepherd mix.  And when his hair is short, I think he's the cutest dog in the world.

And that's our household, all of us living under one roof with a little less than 1000 square feet of room to play, laugh, and love. 

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