Thursday, August 18, 2011

Just Another Summer Day

The boys and I trekked up north a bit today to pick up Lilah, who had spent a couple of days with my Nana.  As is traditional, Lilah got spoiled at Nana's and will surely have a "grammy hangover" tomorrow (you know, that wonderful day-after-spending-time-with-the-grandparents, must-have-my-way, whiny-and-overtired kind of day).  I won't complain, though, because I know I went home many times over the years with grammy hangovers that surely drove my parents crazy.  And those sweet, precious overnight visits are among the most cherished of my childhood memories, so if I have to endure a day or so of a cranky three-year-old, so be it.

Anyway, Lilah got to go to the fair for the first time, where she enjoyed seeing all of the farm animals in the agricultural barn, won a stuffed monkey in a fishing game, and timidly went on a couple of rides with her baby cousin.  She also got to spend some quality time with her Auntie Danielle, my baby sister, before she leaves for college next week (eek! My baby sister is going to college?!).  She ate pasta and berries at every meal (her favorites), had no bedtime, and got to pick a movie to watch each night.  She colored to her heart's content with no little brother to steal her crayons, sat on the lawn tractor with Uncle Chris (my cousin), and showed everyone how she wants to "be a ballet" when she grows up (and apparently a farmer too).  All in all, it was the kind of visit that she'll be talking about for weeks and will store in her memory bank for life.

As lovely as it was to have the two boys to myself for a couple of days, it was so nice to have my girl back today.  We spent a little more time at Nana's before heading back to my in-laws', and Grady and Lilah cooled off a bit in the sprinkler and in Aunt Terri's garden fountains.  Since Uncle Chris had just mowed the lawn, however, both children were coated in a nice thick layer of green grass when they were through, so we did a quick hose-down before jumping in the car, and all three kiddos zonked out for the entire ride home.

I should turn in early tonight - it's sure to be a fun day of tantrums and sibling squabbles tomorrow.  I have some great recipes to try coming up, and I promise a giveaway is coming! 

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